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In this document the following terms are used;

The owners/ operators of Westwood Farm Cross Country Course will be referred to as the Hirers.

Access to the site including vehicle parking, wash down facilities and all equipment, fixed or otherwise, including but not limited to mounting blocks, jumps, fences, gates will be referred to as the Facilities.

Any rider, trainer or coach, Responsible Adult (an appropriate person accompanying a user under 18 years of age), spectator, helper or enabler, visitor or people accompanying visitors will be referred to as Users. This does not necessarily mean Users will have paid to visit the Facilities themselves directly, or be actively riding.


  1. The Hirers will not and do not accept any liability for any accident, loss, damage, injury or illness to any Users, their property, vehicles and/or contents, accessories or any other property whatsoever, caused by any horse, rider or other, whether caused by negligence, breach of contract or in any other circumstance.
    • If hiring the Facilities for a third party User or multiple Users, the person making the booking and signing this disclaimer will be taken to have explained the rules and conditions therein to the third party User and will be responsible for the third party Users behaviour, safety and adherence to these terms, especially with regards to the conditions concerning  insurance provision . If an individual within a group breaks these terms the whole group may be asked to leave.
    • In using Facilities at the above premises, Users accept that they or their Responsible Adult have surveyed the Facilities and the ground conditions on and after arrival. Users must understand that they themselves, or their Responsible Adult are responsible for assessing the suitability of ground conditions and construction and maintenance of the Facilities. Users agree that by the Facilities use they find the Facilities, in their opinion, safe to use. Jumps/ obstacles will vary in difficulty and size and Users/ Responsible Adults must determine the User’s capability in relation to the Facilities safe use or parts thereof. The Hirers will not be liable for accidents caused by any User over-reaching their or their horse’s ability.
    • All Users or Responsible Adults must hold suitable public liability insurance. Anyone bringing a groom, paid rider or paid assistant onto the premises must also hold suitable employers liability insurance.
    • Riding, working with and handling horses can be dangerous and horses and animals, wild or other, present on site may be unpredictable. All person’s using the facilities do so at their own risk and the hirers will not be held responsible for any accident, injury or loss caused by or attributable to such.
    • To ensure safety and enjoyment horse numbers on the course at any one time may be limited. To ensure everyone hiring the facilities can use them as they expect EACH INDIVIDUAL HORSE visiting the Facilities must be booked in using separate bookings so the Hirers can determine and if necessary limit numbers of animals likely to be present at the Facilities at any one time.
    •  No User may use the Facilities alone, but must be accompanied at all times by a responsible person, who may be mounted or unmounted. The responsible individual must have access to a working mobile phone in order to summon assistance in the event of an emergency. The  OS grid reference for emergency services notification is SK7169 1635.  This grid reference will also be clearly marked at a point on the course.
    • All Users under 18 years of age must be accompanied by a Responsible Adult at all times, who can themselves be mounted or un-mounted, with no exceptions.
    • All riders must wear a riding hat conforming to BHS standard at all times whilst mounted, this must be fastened correctly and with no fixed peak. Suitable footwear and clothing must be worn whilst mounted. A body protector conforming to BHS standards must be worn at all times when the rider is using the cross country course.
  2. All Users, visitors and especially Responsible Adults accompanying a User under 18 must have read and understood the Level crossing for horse riders guidance provided by Network Rail, available at www.networkrail.co.uk/…/safety…/level-crossing…/level-crossings-horse-riders/   BEFORE signing this disclaimer. Users will be required to cross an unmanned level crossing in order to access and leave the cross country course.
  3. Users of the cross country course are required to leave gates as they find them when accessing, using and leaving the premises and to obey all other signage. This is especially important at the railway level crossing points.
  4. When mounting or dismounting horses, Users are free to use the equipment provided (mounting blocks) but do so entirely at their own risk. Users are responsible for checking the condition and construction of each piece of equipment prior to use and when doing so must agree that it is safe to use prior to using it.
  5. The course is situated on a working farm, with livestock, and as such dogs are not permitted on the premises unless on a lead and under control at all times. Dogs remain the responsibility of their owner/handler at all times. The hirers cannot be held responsible for any accidents caused by or to any dog whilst on the premises. All dog fouling must be cleared by the owner/handler and disposed of offsite.
  6. All Users must have the capability and skill to use the Facilities or be judged by their Responsible Adult to be able to do so in a safe manner. Riders/ Users must have full control of their horse at all times and respect all other Users and horses using the Facilities at the same time.
  7.  The Hirers will not allow for the alteration of the course, including flags, by any individual or group in any way unless by prior consent. All Users are responsible for returning any jumps or fences or parts thereof which may become dis-lodged, and any other items moved from their original position on any equipment to their original position prior to leaving. Users must report any damage or safety concerns in relation to the jumps, fences, equipment or any other part of the Facilities to the Hirers immediately. Upon noticing anything which they deem to be dangerous or unsafe Users must immediately desist from using said equipment.
  8. Users riding the cross country course must not jump any obstacle marked with crossed flags at any time, as this indicates that the jump/ fence must not be used under any circumstances.
  9. Users riding the cross country course must only jump jumps with one horse at a time.
  10.  Users must not take any glass or breakable objects onto the facilities or leave litter. All items taken onto the facilities must be removed at the end of the session.
  11. Users must be aware that the site is a working farm, therefore movement of livestock and machinery maybe operating during your visit.  The Hirers will endeavour to keep this to a minimum.
    • The Hirers have a right to remove any User or visitor that does not adhere to the rules and regulations highlighted within this disclaimer, and may do so without a refund of money.  In these circumstances the Hirers decision will be final and un-contestable.
    • All horses visiting the facility must have a valid horse passport and be suitably vaccinated.
    • The Hirer reserves the right to amend/ restrict access to, alter or entirely close the course at their discretion and if necessary without notice. Any User or group hiring the Facilities is responsible for checking this website 24hrs prior to their visit in this regard, and any refunds for bookings made or refusal of such will be issued as per our cancellation policy on the website.

All bookings are non refundable unless the booking is cancelled by the hirer.
Please only make bookings during daylight hours
If you require exclusivity or have any other special requirements please Contact Us or Call us on 07910 093 930
and we will do our best to accomodate your requirements

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